Who we are ?

We are small family business.

Expand the business bigger and bigger and globalization is the trend of business world, but we do enjoy to keep our business small and bring more variety to customers.

Order your own style, send us your design and we will make your dreams come true.

Mon Petit Ange

Our Ethics!

We provide the best products and services with best value to our customers, at the same time we return the most to our workers and suppliers.

We pack and deliver the products from our works to our customers' door, customers pay our workers and our workers pay for our services. We are no special, we are and orinary man.

Everyboy is same regardless of race and sex.

Mon Petit Ange

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Protect the world.

Help ourself by not using toxic materials.

We only use the non-toxic materials and use the process that cause less harmful to the world. Our product may not looks shiny, but they are environmentally friendly.

We protect the enviropment with action, not just policy.